Writing the Word in 2020

Here is the scripture-writing PDF for 2020 (in a PDF link at the bottom,) for those of you who would like to join us. It is very informally done and has typos and formatting errors, no doubt – I’m sorry! I had intended it just to be between my mother and me, but I’m so glad and super encouraged that there are so many who want to join us!

Scripture Writing 2020 coverfullsizeoutput_62dd

Here are some suggestions…but please do it in a way that is best for you:
It’s a lot of pages, so it’s not exactly cheap to print it out. I sent the PDF to Office Depot online. They have options to choose color or black and white…you can choose a little heavier paper (which is nicer to write on). I put an opaque cover on top to protect it, and a solid black plastic backing with a spiral binding. Since it’s so many pages, I don’t know if a comb binding will work. It’s very thick. You could do it however you like.
I found an online coupon and printed mine and Mom’s and it totaled about $60 ($30 each). It was for her Christmas gift, so I didn’t feel bad anyway about spending that much -but, it’s something you’ll be using daily so it’s a good investment.
Of course, you can also print it out a page at a time each day and do it that way. Totally your call.
I would also say this – don’t try to make it look perfect, or you may get discouraged. If you miss a few days, don’t beat yourself up and don’t quit, just get back on it! Don’t try to catch up immediately –  just start back on the day where you are and if you can, later on, go back and catch up.
As far as the study method, writing is built-in meditation. When you’re writing, you have more time to think about the words. Look them up – in a Bible dictionary – not a current dictionary. (The meanings are different – just like “mouse” today means more than a furry little critter…meanings change.) You can do it easily online.
Look for repeated words. Look for patterns. Pay attention to the context. Use colors and arrows and lines – whatever helps you learn and see what God wants you to know.
I chose scriptures mainly for encouragement, so you’ll see much of the Psalms and scriptures that help us see who God is and how He loves us and His plan for us.
I know scripture writing has been done by many people, and in many different ways, but I first heard of it a few years ago through a blog by Kim Higginbotham (or maybe it was written by her husband…I can’t remember and I can’t find it now.) I appreciate her so much for bringing this to our attention!
Now, go write, learn, absorb, focus, meditate, and grow!

4 Replies to “Writing the Word in 2020”

  1. Hi Carla, I have to tell you I REALLY enjoy your scripture writing pages. May I ask if you are doing this for 2021 and when it could be printed ? The reason I ask is only to budget for it and share a copy or two with very beloved Sisters.
    Thank you. God Bless you and all the work you do! 💕 Jill


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