Write On My Heart Every Word – Scripture Writing 2022

If you’re new to writing scripture, get ready for your life to change! And isn’t that what our life should be about? Tenderizing our hearts and shaping our lives and attitudes in order to look more like the Lord? If you spend just a little time on this effort each day, you will be changed for the better. We know that the power isn’t in us, but the word in us is powerful. When it is treasured in our hearts, we are equipped with the power of God. It gives us strength to endure trials, and it increases our faith to help us walk through each day, reminding us of what comes after this life. It tells us how much God loves each of us, how He knows our hearts and thoughts, and how He bends down to listen to our joys, heartaches, praises, and thanksgivings. When the word is in our hearts, we have its wisdom to help us make hard decisions and we are more able to remember how we should act and react to difficult people and situations. Why would we NOT want to be in the word of God?

Here are a few suggestions for writing scripture:

  1. Just do it – write every day. Yes, even on holidays and trips. Just write, even if you can’t study it thoroughly. Just like eating, it’s nourishing! 
  2. Always keep the surrounding context in mind.
  3. Don’t be a perfectionist. Don’t force yourself into a complicated color scheme with your pens or be upset if you have to cross something out. If you miss a day (or ten,) please don’t give up entirely. Read over what you missed and then just pick back up writing. Remember – our purpose is to learn, not for our pages to look pretty or to impress anyone. This study is for your personal growth.
  4. Look for repeated words and key phrases throughout the chapters and books. When something is repeated, it’s especially important!
  5. Try to identify people when they are mentioned. The book Who’s Who in the Bible (by Philip Comfort and Walter A. Elwell) is helpful!
  6. Each time a location is mentioned, if possible, look for it on a map! This will help you “see” the story more fully.
  7. If the text references another passage, go find it, and read it!
  8. Use www.biblehub.com
  9. You don’t have to write using the ESV – use your desired version. The text in this book is just a guide. Remember that the Bible wasn’t written in English. There are issues with any version, but you can use online tools to discover the meaning of Greek and Hebrew words in their original language. This is important!
  10. Use the study method that works best for you. I use colors to connect thoughts, but there may be a different way that makes more sense to you. Do that! Again, this study is for your own personal growth.
  11. Please, please don’t compare your study with anyone else’s. It’s great to share and learn from each other, but the last thing we want is for anyone to stop studying because they feel like their study isn’t as interesting or thorough.
  12. Read each series of verses out loud before you write it. It feels funny at first, but it’s helpful!
  13. Remember Who wants you to be IN the word, and who wants you to stay OUT of it. James 4:7-8

The first download, below, is the complete year. It’s a heavyweight at a little over 400 pages. There are lines for 2022 for those of you who missed it this year!

You may prefer the download below that is January through June (well, it’s actually through July 1, because the chapter ended on July 1 and I couldn’t just cut it off on June 30!) This is the one I will probably print for myself, because I carry my book with me when we go places and it will be a little less bulky. I will add another download when we get closer to June that will include July through December.

And here is the download made by my sweet friend from Singapore, Seowhui Ho. She compiled all of the daily writing assignments into a two-page checklist. You’ll need this if you’re going to use your own notebook to write.

If you want to print the book out, you can upload the file to a place like Office Depot or Staples. Always look for an online coupon, because it can get expensive. I’ll give some details on my personal facebook page with instructions on how I like to have mine printed. Among other things, I like to use the heavier 28 pound paper, which is much nicer to write on, and I always add a plastic cover.

I’m excited that so many joined us to write scripture last year. I hope there will be even more this year! My prayer is that we will glorify God, and God alone, as we learn more about who He is and what He has done for us. I know you’ll be blessed by any study that you do in the word of God.

Added on June 11, 2022: Here is the file if you’d like to download the July through December scripture writing – this one is can be downloaded and sent to print, if you’d like to start fresh!

Scripture Writing 2022 July through December:


9 Replies to “Write On My Heart Every Word – Scripture Writing 2022”

    1. These books aren’t really available to “order” but you can download the file and send it to an office supply store like Office Depot to print – or you can just download and print a few days at a time, or you can simply download the 2 page checklist and use your own notebook.


    1. These books aren’t really available to “order” but you can download the file and send it to an office supply store like Office Depot to print – or you can just download and print a few days at a time, or you can simply download the 2 page checklist and use your own notebook.


    2. Carla, I just wanted you too know. This has and is enhancing my understanding and growing me closer to knowing GOD and JESUS more. I am loving writing the scriptures each day. Thank you for being the vessel you are. Pls tell John hello.

      Love Sharon B.


  1. Hi Carla. Happy New Year. I’m having trouble finding the two page checklist your friend composed. Can you attach it for me? Thanks. Carol

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